Two days from now, tomorrow is yesterday!

How are you going to live it so
you can look back in joy?

Impressions from WINSPIRATION DAY 2017


Wolfgang Sonnenburg





Winspiration movement


Would you like to live a fulfilled life and reach your full potential whilst connecting with others?


Would you like to adopt a healthy, creative and pro-active life-style to achieve your goals?

Together we can bring about wonderful and positive change for ourselves, our neighbours and the whole world!

We invite you to join this movement and help to make a difference!

WINSPIRATION is an international movement created to inspire awareness and action so that we can shape our lives through our own positive acts, and carry that inspiration with us throughout the whole year. We can recognize the opportunities that can influence and change our own future, the future of society, and even the world!


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WINSPIRATION implements different programs to help people develop their capabilities and be inspired to live a full life.

Winspiration Day

Celebrates on 7th of May.
A day of human synergy, supporting all positive actions. A day to celebrate our present and future potential and to see positive benefits for moving forward.

Winspirational projects

WINSPIRATION encourages people to set an example to all; showing how we can make a difference through our positive actions in life. We would love you to share your inspirational stories with us, so you in turn, can inspire others.

What is Winspiration Day?

WINSPIRATION Day on the 7th May was established as a day to support human synergy, supporting all positive moments. It’s a day to connect with our experience of the present; to lead us into the future; a power day; and a day of changing paradigms.

WINSPIRATION Day inspires awareness. It is a call to action to encourage each of us to shape our lives through our own acts and to carry that power on throughout the whole year. Together we can recognize new opportunities that can change our future, the future of society, and even the world.

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Join us

To live a full life in the present moment and participate in a better future, join the WINSPIRATION movement and help building a better tomorrow, today!

As a member

Share and communicate projects and experiences with positivism, inspiration and motivation. Be a part of WINSPIRATION and let us move forward together to create a better world.

As an Ambassador

Organize special events in your city or community, collaborate event organizers all around the world, and visit organizations and institutions to convey WINSPIRATION principles and invite them to join the movement.


WINSPIRATION supports and encourages all positive endeavors. An award is given every year on May 7th in recognition of actions or projects which reflect the spirit of WINSPIRATION DAY and which have made an impact on the world and encouraged change for the better. WINSPIRATION DAY 2017 will take place on May 7th in the city of Los Angeles, California USA, and we will reveal the best project of 2016! We will count on your participation at this event!

Help Winspiration Help The World

We encourage action for life-changing projects, and join together to envisage a life of opportunity, belief and positivity for all.

By supporting the Winspiration Movement you will be part of a better future – Donate now!

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