Winspiration Day in Germany

Winspiration Day in Germany

Der Winspiration Day am 7. Mai wird überall auf der Welt gefeiert.

winspiration day 2016Wir freuen uns, Angelika Müller-Harz zu begrüßen – Internationale Gastgeberin aus Leipzig, Deutschland!

Angelika hat ganz besonders Kinder in ihr Herz geschlossen, die  Probleme im Leben haben und auf Hilfe angewiesen sind.

“Ich verwirkliche mir meinen Traum, jungen Menschen Lust auf Schule zu machen, dass sie ihre eigenen Stärken entdecken können, etwas mit anderen teilen oder wieder fröhlich sind.

Außerdem konnte ich mehr als 100 Schülerstreitschlichter ausbilden, die ihr Wissen im eigenen Leben, für Freunde und in der Familie anwenden werden.

Insgesamt erhalte ich auch ein großes Dankeschön zurück: Freude, Lachen und glückliche Augen.

Gibt es etwas Besseres?

Aber der 7. Mai ist ein ganz besonderes Datum in meinem Jahresplan!

Seit 3 Jahren, besuche ich an diesem Tag die Vorschulkinder in meinem Ort. Wir gestalten den WINSPIRATION TAG.

Diese Zeit  kann den 6jährigen helfen, im eigenen Leben oder im Leben anderer etwas Positives zu bewirken  z.B. ihre Begabung für andere einsetzen, Zeit schenken oder Ideen verwirklichen.

winspiration day 2016Eine Anregung bekam ich, als ich die Kinderbücher von Miriam Laundry kennenlernte. Wie auch in den letzten Jahren werde ich einige Textpassagen vorlesen, um sie mit den Kindern zu diskutieren.”

In diesem Jahr wird Angelika den Winspiration Day sogar zweimal feiern. Ihre Buchdiskussion mit den Kindern in ihrem Ort findet bereits am 26. April 2016 statt, da Angelika an “The Week for Life” in Baden, Österreich, teilnimmt, welche mit der Hauptveranstaltung zum Winspiration Day am 7. Mai endet.

Trefft uns und Angelika dort! Ihr seid herzlichst eingeladen!

Winspiration Day in Santiago de Chile

Winspiration Day in Santiago de Chile

winspiration day santiago de chile 2016From: Isela Bustos Valencia

Subject: Evento del Winspiration Day de los Practitioner de la Matrix Maestra de Santiago de Chile

Estimados, les mando un saludo a nombre de todos quienes estamos en este camino del desarrollo personal a través del energyfocussing.

El 7 de Mayo estaremos en un  grupo realizando nuestro Winspiration Day como Workshop de la Matrix Maestra“, enviando mucha energía y amor a todos.

Gisbert Reuter me informó de este excelente evento y a través del él quiero mandar un saludo al mundo, junto a quienes estarán conmigo conectados desde y a través de la Matriz Divina.

Felicidad para todos.

Un abrazo de luz arcoírica

Isela Bustos Valencia

Practitioner de la Matrix Maestra en Santiago de Chile

Winspiration Day in Baden near Vienna

Winspiration Day in Baden near Vienna

Winspiration Day 201607.05.2016
Each year, the 7th of May is “Winspiration Day”, an annual commemoration by all of us for all of us, to facilitate awareness of our individual potentials and capabilities, and to recognize the opportunities that we can bring to our own futures, the future of society, and to our world.

As always, Winspiration Day will be celebrated in countries around the world – however, this year in 2016, there will be a special “host celebration” at the Hotel “Schloss Weikersdorf” in Baden near Vienna.

To join us and to participate in this inspirational event, please register online at the event link

The official beginning of the event. Inspiring speakers will include:
– Bob Proctor, the world-renowned speaker, teacher, and expert on the mind, human Potential and success, and star of the international phenomenon, “The Secret”;

Sandra Gallagher, colleague, co-author, and CEO of the Proctor Gallagher Institute;
Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg, legendary entrepreneur, teacher and coach, and founder of the Winspiration movement;
– the comedian Carsten Hoefer,
– Dr. Jürgen Karsten, author of “The Mental Principle” and 
– Dr. Joshua Plant, biochemist, Head of Research at “Zija International”.

An additional feature of the day will be a special panel and discussion to explain and explore the concepts of the UN Human Development Index and how we can transform national and international economies through new paradigms and priorities,

Finally, each year, the celebrated Winspiration Award is given to an interesting person who has attracted the attention of the Winspiration Association because of their Winspirational activities and their luminance.

Delicious buffet dinner and wonderful atmosphere in stimulating company.

Winspiration Day 2016
Open Admission for all
An inspirational celebration, light-ceremony, and music for all will take place in the “Rosarium” of Doblhoff Park. Open to the unlimited possibilities which life gives us, we invite the world to let our spirits shine and to share our light with the world. Music by Ferry Janoska. Admission is free.

22:00 After the ceremony, charged with energy and light, we close the special day with a gala party
With music and dance and have the opportunity to draw together in a pleasant context and Deepening connections.  Donation requested of EUR 20 for those who did not buy admission for the main event

Winspiration Day in Nigeria

Winspiration Day in Nigeria

winspiration day 2016 nigeria

Dennis Davids Emmanuel-Okeah is a pastor, coach, mentor and businessman. He is passionate on people development and people development. He takes pleasure in helping people find a way to win in life. Story telling helps the story teller discover the missing link. As the missing link is discovered, recovery starts and a new journey of progress begins.

winspiration day 2016 nigeriaThe event is about writing and telling of true life personal stories that are inspiring. It is STORIES FROM OUR NEIGHBOURHOOD.

This is the first time we will be joining this global event. Snacks and drinks will be provided for free.

His Family Global Center,
No.5 Eagle Cement Road Rumuolumeni,

Contact: +234 806 5074481

Time: 4pm

Winspiration Day in Russia

Winspiration Day in Russia

winspiration day 2016WINSPIRATION DAY – это замечательная идея объединить счастливых людей всего мира, который проводится 7 мая!

Я счастлива, что имею возможность присоединиться к этому международному празднику. Москва – столица нашей огромной России, в которой мне посчастливилось родиться и жить счастливо со своей семьей – супругом Юрией , сыном Алексеем, женой сына Ириной и внуком Ванечкой!

На земле существует закон притяжения, благодаря которому счастливые люди притягиваются друг к другу. Сетевая компания, в которой я трудилась, познакомила меня с замечательными людьми – Мариной и Александром Никатиными, Иран Балашовой, Алиной и Аленом Банон и многими другими из разных стран мира.

Каждый год наша Российская команда планирует провести WINSPIRATION DAY в новом месте. В этом году мы совершим прекрасное путешествие по нашей любимой Москве.

Очень хочу, чтобы с каждым годом число счастливых людей во всем мире становилось все больше и больше!!!

Translated by Google:
Winspiration day – it’s a great idea to merge the happy people all over the world, which is being held on 7 May!

I’m happy that I have the opportunity to join the international festival. Moscow is the capital of our great Russia, in which I was lucky enough to be born and live happily ever after with his family – spouse yuriyey, Alexis, my wife and son, the son and grandson Irina Vanechkoy!

On Earth there is a law of attraction, which ensured that the happiest people attract each other. Network the company where I worked, introduced me to wonderful people – marina and Alexander Nikatinymi, Iran balashovoy, Alina and alain banon and many others from different countries of the world.

Every year, our Russian team plans to hold a winspiration day in a new place. This year we’ll make a wonderful trip on our favorite Moscow.

Really want to make sure that every year the number of happy people around the world was becoming more and more!!!

Winspiration Day in Botswana

Winspiration Day in Botswana

Winspiration Day on 7th of May is celebrated all around the globe – please, welcome our Internatioanl Global host Gaongalelwe Mosweu from Botswana.

Gaongalelwe Mosweu  is an up-and-coming business consultant based in Gaborone, Botswana. She is a career mentor and coach, enthusiastically helping many to find and redefine their career paths. She has for more than 14 years a pet project (almost in secret) that she calls the “Big Sister” Project; she finds at least one young woman (sometimes young men, too) to mentor and coach every year.
winspirationday 2016I have enjoyed being a younger sister to my big sisters, and it is an incredible feeling to be a younger sister. My parents could not afford to take me to pre-school and my own big sister Matlhogonolo home-schooled me. By the time I started Primary School, I could write GAONGALELWE without even flinching. I had a head start because of my Big Sister’s dedication. It is a warm fuzzy feeling even as I now recall those days. We had nothing materially but we had love. I just want to see young women and men reach their full potential, you know. I just want to extend the same love to someone else.” 

Gao is a certified book worm, and when she is not out zealously having fun helping people, she unplugs and unwinds with a good book. Of this she says:

“I am surrounded by at least 5 books near me at any given time. There is a book near my couch, about 10 in the surrounding of my bed and only a few hundred on my bookshelf. If you’re thinking of getting me a gift, with a book you will never get it wrong! Oh don’t forget the yellow highlighter, too!” 

Organising the WINspiration Global Day in Botswana is a complete delight  for Gao, who is doing it for the sheer love of having a little fun with some like minded friends and family. She looking forward to host Winspiration annual event in Botswana.

“This year, on May 14, 2016, we will be hosting a visioning and goal-setting “play shop” for the second year running. This day in this year has been organised to coincide with and to take the theme of “WINspiration Day” and is commemorated with an international event of the same name.
Although the Botswana event will be celebrated a week later, we will be sharing in the collective consciousness of this magnificent worldwide event.
The goal of this “play shop” is to help participants to get clearer on their dreams, vision, goals and purpose for their lives and careers and to learn the real day-to-day tools on how to turn them into reality, but visualising them – putting them up on Vision/Inspire Boards in pictures.
Seeing their desires in visual matter in this way inspires people more and encourages them towards their aspirations. This in turn helps them to live much more fulfilling lives. This is in line with our motto of “build you to perfection”.
The investment is only P185, which is a small fee compared to the value that participants will gain from this playshop.”

Event details:
Venue: Blue Tree World of Golf
Event page:
Fee: P185
Contact: +267 73 317 318