At WINSPIRATION we like to encourage people to develop their own life-changing projects which are set up and run throughout the year. We have seen some great examples of successful projects already, and we are always eager to hear and share new and inspiring stories.

We encourage people to dare to do more, to take an active role in society and make positive and active decisions for their future and the future of others.

Here are some examples of successful Winspiration projects:


Pastor Dennis Davids organised the May7th Winspiration Day in Nigeria. Here is an exert from his project:

Perla lives in Nigeria and had always wanted to be a ballerina. At a big celebration for his wife’s birthday party where Perla danced for the guests, Pastor Davids could see that she showed promise, but knew that her family could not afford to pay for lessons. He contacted Josephine Woodberry, a ballet teacher in Australia for help. Josephine was touched by Perla’s story and arranged online tuition for Perla, and sent her some ballet shoes, together with a tablet so that she could view the lessons.

55 Women for 55 Dreams

Lucija Smolnik set up a project in Slovenia with her friend photographer Natalija Jelušič Babić. Once a week she writes articles about inspiring women and publishes them with photographs. She has also written a book with her 10-years old daughter Katarina about a little monster that makes the world a better place. She is a life and business coach and she works with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher as a ‘Thinking Into Results’ consultant.

Origami for Peace

Marina Dyakova made an Origami for Peace action in her local town Saratov in Russia. On the International Day of Origami she organized for people in her town and other parts of Russia, to create their Origami work as symbols of peace, and to release many balloons into the sky.


Hodan is a Somali-Canadian inspirational singer-songwriter and recording artist. She is single mother of four, and her eldest child recently graduated from university. Her uplifting music is fun and includes powerful positive lyrics, but it is her journey that is most intriguing. Her story is about second chances, reviving childhood dreams and fighting for the right to define her happiness.

The above WINSPIRATION projects show what a difference we can all make to ourselves, our communities and our world. We want to encourage you, together with WINSPIRATION to dare to act; to dare to think big and start your own unique project.

Let us know your idea for new projects, and good luck!

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