55 women for 55 dreams

When you start to see yourself as a magnificent being, you see the difference in your life. You gain so much respect and love that you didn’t have before, and your life becomes a playground for your dreams to come true.

I had been in a circle of sadness. I felt powerless within my own life, and I hadn’t seen that I myself held the key to a better life. I have met many women who felt, and feel, like I did. I made my turning point 2 years ago; I took the power back and made some big decisions in my life. But there are so many women out there who have never had the courage to do that.

With these 55 inspiring stories, my friend, photographer Natalija and I, want to show to our Slovenian women that although we are living in a small country (but a very beautiful one), and think we don’t have all the resources or support we need, we can move further. We show that we can live how we decide; to sing, travel, laugh, and enjoy and live an abundant life. And then we realize we already have all we need in order to live the life we dream of. We are the key to success!

Project 55 Women for 55 Dreams connects women; the ones that said ‘yes’ to their dreams and to life. It connects those women who took action and those who are still searching for their purpose; maybe lacking self-confidence or just in need of a little push to go and claim the life they deserve. Every week you can read a story of one powerful, positive, strong, successful woman and compete for her prize. Together we make your dreams come true. 55 Women for 55 Dreams!

At the end of the project we will collect all 55 stories and put them into a book. All the proceeds from selling the books will go to help young girls without funds, to help them realize their dreams.

We all live in the same world. Why not live in beautiful one? And it all starts with us. With our dreams.

‘A dream is one of the most powerful forces on the planet.’
Bob Proctor


Written by Lucija Smolnik

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