I am inspired by the word ‘Peace’!

This year in November in Saratov Oblast and several other regions of Russia there was a large scale action named ‘Origami for Peace’. This was following on from an almost century-old event, when, after the end of WW1, Japanese people went out into the streets with origami paper cranes to celebrate. They swapped this paper- made symbol of fragile peace with each other and wished each other peace and well-being.
For the last two years, the Saratov department of ‘Russia-Japan’ community has held an action named ‘Origami for Peace’. On November 11th, at 11am participants are invited to come from their houses with paper cranes, and send them, roped to balloons, up to the sky, whilst wishing for peace.

There are different ways to express your solidarity for peace: some people just presented their origami to each other. In 2015, there were almost 300 participants. In 2016, due to the support of the Embassy of Japan in Moscow, which inspired us to request assistance in regional groups of the ‘Russia-Japan’ Community in Russia, the Ministry of Education and Science, and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, the amount of participants grew to 2,500 people!

Marina Anatolyevna Diakova, chairman of Saratov department of ‘Russia-Japan’ Community:
This year Yekaterinburg, Orenburg and Tambov supported us. In Saratov, students of schools from 4 town districts and 4 regions of Saratov Oblast took part in our action. Welfare safety centers were also interested in action. 19 districts of Saratov Oblast and Saratov welfare safety center organized this action in their jurisdictional institutions. Teachers and students of the centers made origami cranes, went on to the streets and sent them on roped balloons up to the sky, saying: ‘We are for peace’!

School Teachers

…Art workshops were opened for the whole day and children were absorbed in working with the paper. As a result, we saw letters of the Russian alphabet, unusual flowers, cakes, funny animals and birds. In the school lobby we organized an exhibition named ‘The Magic World of Origami’. During the day, student’s made 1,000 paper cranes. (Novokuznetsk, Saratov Oblast.)
We were surprised and amazed at how interested our children were. They worked for the whole day: discussed the future event which each other and helped each other when they needed it. At 11am children had been staying on the street and waiting for the signal…We wish you could have seen their faces! Their eyes were alight at the action! They were shining like they were the light of peace and goodness!….. (Engels, Saratov Oblast)

M.A. Dyakova says…

This year I dream of attracting more people, not only from our region, but from other countries. Saratov citizens have already known of this action, but I also wanted my initiative to transform other occasions too with the theme of ‘Peace on Earth.’

I was so very surprised when I received a message from an outstanding speaker, business advisor and author of popular business books, Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg. Mr. Sonnenburg inspired me to promote ‘Origami for Peace’ not only on November 11th but to keep it in my heart every day of the year, and of course, on Winspiration Day on May 7th!
This short, meaningful word ‘peace’ and the expression of desire to take action on May 7th 2017, at the Worldwide Day of Inspiration helped me to look at my project named ‘MitoTivorcy’ (peacemakers) from the other side.

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