Winspiration initiate EFF Forum

The Forum for living together the extraordinary future

Join the 2. Extraordinary Future Forum in Fall 2017 in Berlin

Together we wish for a better, more peaceful, fairer and prosperous world.
We share the hope that all of us will be able to reach a higher level of awareness.

We want a world in which we have a future, but we also want to enjoy the present and enjoy our everyday lives. For this, we need to change our thought patterns and feelings quite radically!

In the past, prosperity was essentially built on a poor foundation of war and disease, battle and destruction.
How much better it would be if prosperity in the future was based on peace and health!

With an abundance of love we can move forward constructively to Win-Win. It means that we are ready to grow, to develop as people, to acquire more knowledge and insight, and become more aware.

Winspiration initiated the EFF Forum (The Forum for living together the extraordinary future) to encourage this new way of thinking: we need ideas to inspire us and help us to imagine a new way of living. We can ask ourselves how we really WANT to live.

Once by year we invite you to join us and to be a part of working group stands for real change and progress.
As we come together at a higher level we understand there is a solution to every problem, and we can all live with the Win-Win feeling.

We, humans have a power: If we WANT to change the way we live, we can!

Winspiration is there to inspire us with a new image and a new vision, ready to help us create a better future!

President Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg

Vice President Aline Banon


Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg in interview with Muhammad Yunus, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2006.

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