The Winspiration® Award

Once a year at WINSPIRATION®, we choose a special person or association that has made a difference to their community and indeed, the world, and brought about positive change by their actions.

These awards recognise and reflect the spirit of Winspiration and help to keep that positive feeling moving forward. We are happy to accept any proposed candidates for the Winspiration Award throughout the year.


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This year we would like to acknowledge and thank two change makers who are both working on the idea of the ‘We’; where the collective good is greater than individual gain. They do incredible work in forming greater connections in the world. Congratulations to Peter Spiegel and Craig Kielburger.

Peter Spiegel – WEQ Institute

Peter Spiegel is an influential world changer who started a social entrepreneurship and discovered the WE trend in the world to creating a better way of living together which lead to him discovering the WE.Q Institute. He loves promoting new education globally and encouraging communities to do the same.

Craig Kielburger – Me to We

Craig Kielburger is a social entrepreneur, New York best seller and Co-founder of Free the Children, an international development and youth empowerment organization; Me to We, a social enterprise and We Day, an annual youth empowerment event held on April 11, 2008. He is an activist for the rights of children and raises money for schools and hospitals for children.

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