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This years WINSPIRATION DAY events took place in more places around the world than ever before! We had our live event where the founder Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg kicked off the festivities in Hamburg, Germany.

There were also live events in Canada, Haiti, Texas, France, Kenya, Nigeria and New Zealand. All celebrated life, self empowerment, the purpose of Winspiration and much more.

Please enjoy some of the pictures below from these events and we hope that next year, 2019 you will take the initiative to lead an event in your area!


WINSPIRATION DAY is a transformation companion supporting people and organizations in shaking off their dependencies on well-established beliefs and patterns. Our goal is to encourage everybody to dare to be seen, believe in the power of working together sharing their gifts and talents to create powerful change! WINSPIRATION DAY is the umbrella day that encourages all good movements to come together on this day to support and encourage all people who do not see their full power yet!

Dennis Okeah

Paula Jane

Particia Canadam

Marina Nikatina

Alessandro Furello

Lisa Bevan

Richard Bevan

Julia Bauer

Suzan Yumerova

Irfan Emmanuel

Fadzai Jamali

Lucija Smolnik

Angelika Muller-Harz

Jens Krautschied

Steven Harvey

Fredel Romano

Marina Dyakova

Doris Orr

Annemarie Pluss

Sven Neumann

Irina Kakushadze

Julie Smithwick

Gabriele Velich

Hamburg, Germany

Toronto, ON, Canada

Vancouver, BC, Canada

New Zealand


Port-au-prince, Haiti

Local Events

Toronto, ON, Canada

Sunday 6th May 2018 2:0pm – 5:00pm EDT
Toronto, Ontario

Join Winspiration Ambassadors Jen Fitzpatrick, Tammy Vallieres, Jb Owen and Susan Howson, for an afternoon filled with inspiration, and listen to stories from both young people and adults who are following their dreams and stepping into their own true potential! The theme of the day is ‘Empowerment’ and you are invited to awaken your inner hero!

As well as the above, some of the other ‘superheroes’ you will hear from will be Shelly Elslinger, Angel Hill and more!

There will be activities to participate in, music and dance, and plenty to celebrate.

A warm welcome awaits you at Winspiration Day Toronto!

See more here

Vancouver, BC, Canada

May 6th 2018. 14:00 – 17:00 PDT
Vancouver Rowing Club

Our hosts for Winspiration Day Vancouver have an exciting day planned! Doris Orr will be hosting the day as well as speaking, and sharing the stage with Doris will be a fabulous line up of speakers, including Coleen Christie, Stephen O’Keefe, Bill Crow and Christian Lind. They will also be showcasing April Bellia from The Granola Girl Foundation.

Each of these speakers are ordinary people having an extraordinary impact on those around them and will make for an incredible speakers’ lineup for the day.

You can read more about the speakers and Winspiration Day on the website and on facebook at @WinspirationDayVancouver.

A warm welcome awaits you at Winspiration Day 2018 in Vancouver!

See the event here one Facebook | Event Brite

Hamburg, Germany:

Sunday 6th May 10:30am – approx 22.00 hrs
Au Quai Restaurant

The founder of Winspiration Day, Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg will be hosting a live event where you can let your light shine and where you can come and feel the joy of being alive. This is a day for the whole family and it will be filled with music, very special hand picked speakers and mini interactive work-shops, along with live broadcast connections with hosts around the world.
The Winspiration Award recipient will also be announced at this event.

See the event here


The WINSPIRATION DAY® movement has gone global connecting people all over the world to empower collaborative thoughts and actions in creating a better future. Now, more than ever we need to work with enthusiasm towards creating a positive future. As R. Buckminster Fuller says, we believe in not fighting an existing reality, we need to build a new model.

Lets be the change that is needed and take action to help others find happiness and empowerment within themselves.

On May 7th we will have many countries around the Globe lighting up on our WINSPIRATION DAY® map and you can join the movement with some of the ideas below:

  • Creating awareness in you community by organizing inspiring parties with neighbors, friends and family.
  • Empowering kids
  • Creating an extra service or recognition in your company for clients that day.
  • Gathering in groups to watch the 36 hour teaching & live broadcast.
  • Or you can create you own Winspirational activities

If you would like your name to the global map and/or becoming a host in your area, please contact us at

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