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Which Zebra Do You Choose? by Colin Symington-Bailey | WD2018

Colin is the bestselling author of “What DO You Think?” and the founder of CS-BCoaching and The Art of Balanced Living. Colin is a professional Mentor, Life Strategist and Eating Psychology Coach, and a certified consultant within the world-renowned Proctor Gallagher Institute. Colin is privileged to be personally mentored by Bob Proctor – widely considered to be one of the greatest teachers in the world on the topic of human potential, success, and growth.

Colin Symington-Bailey

Shortlisted in two categories for The International Coaching Awards, 2017 – Life Coach of the Year, and International Life Coach of the Year – Colin is a CPD Accredited Coach, a qualified NLP Practitioner, and a Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Facilitator Practitioner. He is also certified in “The Science of Happiness” through Berkeley, University of California. Colin is a graduate of Brendon Burchard’s “Expert Academy” and “High Performance Academy” and is a catalyst for positive, meaningful and lasting transformation.