Winspiration Day 201607.05.2016
Each year, the 7th of May is “Winspiration Day”, an annual commemoration by all of us for all of us, to facilitate awareness of our individual potentials and capabilities, and to recognize the opportunities that we can bring to our own futures, the future of society, and to our world.

As always, Winspiration Day will be celebrated in countries around the world – however, this year in 2016, there will be a special “host celebration” at the Hotel “Schloss Weikersdorf” in Baden near Vienna.

To join us and to participate in this inspirational event, please register online at the event link

The official beginning of the event. Inspiring speakers will include:
– Bob Proctor, the world-renowned speaker, teacher, and expert on the mind, human Potential and success, and star of the international phenomenon, “The Secret”;

Sandra Gallagher, colleague, co-author, and CEO of the Proctor Gallagher Institute;
Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg, legendary entrepreneur, teacher and coach, and founder of the Winspiration movement;
– the comedian Carsten Hoefer,
– Dr. Jürgen Karsten, author of “The Mental Principle” and 
– Dr. Joshua Plant, biochemist, Head of Research at “Zija International”.

An additional feature of the day will be a special panel and discussion to explain and explore the concepts of the UN Human Development Index and how we can transform national and international economies through new paradigms and priorities,

Finally, each year, the celebrated Winspiration Award is given to an interesting person who has attracted the attention of the Winspiration Association because of their Winspirational activities and their luminance.

Delicious buffet dinner and wonderful atmosphere in stimulating company.

Winspiration Day 2016
Open Admission for all
An inspirational celebration, light-ceremony, and music for all will take place in the “Rosarium” of Doblhoff Park. Open to the unlimited possibilities which life gives us, we invite the world to let our spirits shine and to share our light with the world. Music by Ferry Janoska. Admission is free.

22:00 After the ceremony, charged with energy and light, we close the special day with a gala party
With music and dance and have the opportunity to draw together in a pleasant context and Deepening connections.  Donation requested of EUR 20 for those who did not buy admission for the main event