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The Winspiration Day celebration on 7th of May is coming soon! On that day you can find wonderful celebrations all around the world: we are very happy that Russia is involved actively and supports the Winspiration idea now for a few years.

Here you can find a great article about our international global host, Marina Nikatina, from Russia, Moscow. Marina shares with us why she decided to join theWinspiration movement as possibility to help people live up to their own potential, and happily life for the better future!

winspiration dayHi to all supporters of the Winspiration idea, my name is Marina. I am from Russia, Moscow, where I live with my wonderful family, husband Aleksandre, two sons, Evgeniy and Michael, and our joy granddaughter Sophia, 6 years old. Aleksandre and I are engineers, and we were employers of the In
stitute of Russian Academy of Science. In 1993 I started my activities like entrepreneur in network marketing industry and really loved it. I am really passionate about it as great opportunity of personal growing. In 2005 my husband joined me, since then we developed together our business. We were traveling a lot, and met wonderful people: Alain and Aline Banon, and Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg. We had the opportunity to meet some times and share our ideas, as well we were invited to the events they organized in France and one day, Aline told me more about the purpose and idea of the Winspiration movement they promote actively. We appreciated it a lot and decided to support Winspiration with my colleges and friends and to celebrate 7th of May, Winspiration Day – day of potential and personal growing.

winspiration day 2016For the 3rd year we are celebrating Winspiration Day in Russia and organizing different events. This year on 7th of May we decided to organize great trip with all our partners and friends visiting town and historical places.  We rented a special limousine bus for that and we are happy to welcome all people on board ready to celebrate Winspiration Daytogether!
That’s a great possibility to feel positive emotions, to share our plans and discuss our new opportunities that life offers to us! What could be better than a chance to have a great time with partners and friends thinking and living the Winspiration idea! »

Dear Marina, thank you very much for taking an active position to make the Winspiration idea grow in Russia!

The main event of the Winspiration Association takes place in Austria, Baden with participation and wonderful support of the Bob Proctor Gallagher Institute – your name will be added to special banner of Bob Proctor Gallagher Institute and Winspiration Association to thank you for supporting the Winspiration idea.

How do you plan to celebrate this day in your area? Please share it with us and we will be happy to tell about you in special newsletter!
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