winspiration day 2016Since 2003 there is that ever growing and thriving idea of one day we all just focus on our opportunities and strengths – the Winspiration Day. Since then this idea is carried year by year into the world and celebrated an May 7th every year.

Winspiration Day is a day EVERYONE can help fashion with creativity and imagination. It’s an important day we all should consider. We all should contribute because it’s a day by us for all of us.

The past motto of Winspiration Day was: Discover the possibilities. For winspiration day 2016that reason a basic principle are many interesting and renowned speakers performing at the Winspiration Day events and create many amazed Aha-effects among the audience about new aspects and findings they convey.

It’s about making each other aware that it is upon us to make more of our own future, to concentrate on the positive in life and share it with others.

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