The Winspiration® Award

Once a year at WINSPIRATION®, we choose a special person or association that has made a difference to their community and indeed, the world, and brought about positive change by their actions.

These awards recognise and reflect the spirit of Winspiration and help to keep that positive feeling moving forward. We are happy to accept any proposed candidates for the Winspiration Award throughout the year.


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Healing Hotels of the World & Healing Summit – an umbrella brand that unites the best holistic health hotels and resorts worldwide. It is a brand that has established and successfully implemented authentic, quality and customer-oriented criteria for holistic health and wellbeing services. Steve Harvey has handed over the award to Anne Biging, Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier and Claudia Roth.

Anne Biging, Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier and Claudia Roth – Healing Hotels of the WorLd & Healing Summit

Healing Hotels of the World has set itself the task of finding hotels and resorts that meet these requirements, as the only quality brand worldwide for holistic health in the tourism industry. On all five continents we combine more than 100 of these houses in 46 countries under one roof. As different as the hotels are in terms of their health, location and price range, each one meets our highest quality standards and our promise. It is a pioneer in the consistent implementation of holistic hotel business.

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