The Winspiration Award


Peter Spiegel – WEQ Institute

Peter Spiegel is an influential world changer who started a social entrepreneurship and discovered the WE trend in the world to creating a better way of living together which lead to him discovering the WE.Q Institute. He loves promoting new education globally and encouraging communities to do the same.

Vishen Lakhiani – MindValley

The most Winspirational Person 2017 is Vishen Lakhiani. There is so much to tell you about Vishen that we have made it simple and let him speak:

We recommend that you watch this YouTube Video. This interview will make it clear why Vishen Lakhiani is one of the world’s most inspiring people. You will learn about his vision and get the chance to discover many (w)inspiring thoughts, approaches and ideas for your own life!

Represented in Baden by Rob Mark und Rain Boulos.

Oasis of Peace – Wahat al-Salam Neve Shalom.

Oasis of Peace is an initiative followed in Israel, where Arabs and Jews had agreed very specifically to live together, to go to school together and to be united.

It is a community of Palestinians and Jews dedicated to building peace and equality in Israel and the surrounding region. Situated equidistant from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the village was established in 1970 by Fr. Bruno Hussar on the land of the Latrun Monastery.

The community is a model of equality, mutual respect and cooperation that challenges patterns of racism and discrimination as well as the continued conflict.

The community has established educational institutions based on its ideals, and conducts activities focused on social change. A primary school, a School for Peace, a Pluralistic Spiritual Community Center, a Youth Center and a hotel were all founded for this purpose.

Many community members work on peace and reconciliation projects. The village already consists of 60 families and will soon be up to 150.

A brief explanation about the organization can be found here:


Canadian author and speaker Miriam Laundry is has published book I Can Believe in Myself! to help children understand the power of their thoughts and lead confident, happy lives. Laundry Books donates a portion of product sales for the betterment of children’s mental health through contributions to the Canadian Mental Health Association and to the non-profit organization, The Society of Safe & Caring Schools and Communities.

Her World Record attempt – Largest online book discussion in 24 hours – coincides with the Winspiration day: On May 6 and 7, hundreds of thousands of children around the world will listen and learn as parents, teachers and friends read her book and discuss ways for maintaining mental health and improving one’s life

Jane McGonigal

As a result of a head trauma that lead to suicidal thoughts, the games designer Jane McGonigal had given up on life. However, she used her strong will to free herself from depression. She went on to create a computer game based on her experiences, In her talk ( Jane speaks about how, at the end of our lives, we regret less what we have done and much more what we have not done.

For this reason she puts forward five principles that enable us to start leading our lives in a manner that all will be well in the end.

  1. Have the courage to live your true self!
  2. Couple your profession with your passion!
  3. Show your true self as well as your emotions!
  4. Foster your most important relationship!
  5. Decide to be happy!

She has developed the game based on these five principles. The game is also available as App.

Felix Finkbeiner

The Plant-for-the-Planet Children´s Initiative was founded in January 2007 by Felix Finkbeiner. Today the initiative is an international worldwide move and there are already approx. 100.000 children in more than 100 countries who campaign for climate justice and effective future conception.

The Children understand themselves as an initiative of global citizens which campaign for climate justice in the sense of total reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases and an homogeneous distribution of those emissions among all humans and they are thinking and acting like world citizens. They say: “We children interfere because it’s our future“.

Amongst others the Plant-for-the-Planet children organize planting trees, they give talks on their vision and they organize Plant-for-the-Planet-Academies where they sensibilize children als well as adults for the climate crises and enable them to be active – and that all over the world.

Felix Finkbeiner and the children from Plant-for-the-Planet,, give a great example – also for us adults – what all can be reached with a vision.

Bob Proctor

President Proctor Gallagher Institute
Bob Proctor is one of the masters and teacher of the law of attraction, as he tells us for instance in his book „The Secret“. For more than 40 years he studies the potential of our mind. He is the best-selling author of „you were born rich“, and changed the lives of millions through his other books, lectures, courses and personal coachings.

Bob Proctors manifold achievements with business and industry worldwide means a lot more than just an action of solidarity. Instead in comprises working with companies and people to develop strategies that help to further growth on all levels, to improve and adapt to the constant changes of today’s world.

The headquarters of his globally active company LifeSuccess Productions is based in Phoenix AZ, USA.

Gunter Bennung

Clown Shiven
Clown Shiven, born in Berlin, Germay and former grammar school teacher, came to fulfilment as a professional clown and children‘s book writer. For children all over the world he is on tour and acts as a clown mainly in primary schools, kindergartens, playcentres, schools for handicapped people as well as in theatres, circuses and on fesitvals.

His clowning is further developed by workshops, courses and guest lectures on the subject of „Healing by Joy and Laughing“ in the United States, Europe, Japan, India, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand.

His motto:
„The child that I am wants to meet the child that you are, to share the joy of our common dance of life“.

Dagmar Riedel-Breidenstein

The Founder of the integration project „Heroes“ in Berlin
Dagmar Riedel-Breidenstein is engaged in establishing equal opportunities for both genders in troubled city areas and is standing up against oppression of girls and women in the name of honour. The graduated sociologist says about her project: “There is a silent majority among young migrants that reject violence. We can win those over but they need role models and that is what the Heroes want to be.” The project was awarded with the „Prix Courage“-award on September 16, 2010 by ZDF Mona-Lisa and Clarins Deutschland.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Manfred Spitzer

Distinguished Psychiatric, Psychologist, University Professor and Medical Director at the psychiatric university hospital in the city of Ulm.
Topic: Neues aus der Gehirnforschung – Neural Science News – Yes we can!

Dr. Spitzer certainly is the most renowned brain and learning expert in Germany.

Spitzer is best known for his lectures, speeches and books. Manfred Spitzers books attract through a readable and humorous writing style. They are factually structured in that they consist of only a handful of parts which are made of sections that yet again consist of little chapters, short stories, explained reviews, considerations and personal experiences. Every chapter is concluded by a resume. Spitzer in a preface to „Musik im Kopf – music in the head“: „It is my hope that while reading, all the trees (i.e.: interesting details) won’t make the forest (the fundamental thought) invisible but rather do the exact opposite of having it stand out even more.”

Cathleen Lewis & Rex Lewis-Clack

„Your son Rex is blind.“ This sad news radically changed the lives of Cathleen Lewis.
Today Rex is a wonderful pianist. It’s the story of victory over fear and doubt and of what true talent and the meaning of life are really about. They are touching people around the globe with their message of hope, hard work and exceptional talent.

Claudine Krause

The founder of the youth aid association „jung und jetzt – young and now“ promoting the youth emergency mail: Online guidance.
Claudine Krause followed her idea of offering counselling to children and juveniles via the internet. She says: „In day-to-day school life I’ve seen many children that have felt left alone with their problems. Therefore I wanted to create an anonymous forum where they can take their sorrows.” Anonymity means that the youths just log in to the internet presence of the association using a nick name to get in touch with a counsellor. All other entries are voluntary. With that Claudine has closed a gab in the guidance system for children and youths.

In 2001 the association jung und jetzt e.V. – young and now ass. was initiated by its current chair Claudine Krause. jungundjetzt e.V. is an incorporated and non-profit oriented association and renowned member in the ”Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband – equal welfare association (an umbrella organisation of voluntary welfare work in Germany). The main purpose and goal is to provide children and youths throughout the country with aid and solutions for psychic and physiological problems by competent and free of cost counselling using the internet. Those looking for help are to be provided with methods and skills that enable them in the future to autonomously organise support and become independent from professional help.

The coordination of the projects (youth emergency mail) and is provided by jungundjetzt e.V.

Dr. Reinhard K. Sprenger

Bestseller author, speaker and consultant for leadership and organisation. Author of „Mythos Motivation – the myth of motivation“ and „Der dressierte Bürger – the drilled citizen“.
He is known as the most noted management consultant in Germany.

Sprengers books have all become bestsellers without exception and are published in several languages. They have considerably changed the understanding of leadership of many managers and executives. About Sprengers latest book “Gut aufgestellt – well positioned – soccer strategies for managers“ Financial Times Germany is writing: „A plead for fair play, for individual skill and team spirit and yet as entertaining as stimulating.” The manager magazine reviewes: „Result of that sporty lecture: Goal all the way!“

With the book „Die Entscheidung liegt bei dir! Wege aus der alltäglichen Unzufriedenheit – the decision is yours – ways out of daily dissatisfaction“ Sprenger reaches a large number of private readers. Normative base of Sprengers books is self-motivation and individual responsibility, personal freedom but also personal commitment. Sprengers theories break with the common strategies of corporate leadership. His ideas are revolutionary since they derive from a trust based humanism: Sprenger places man as a free being at the centre of his philosophy of leadership. Sprengers way of thinking bursts borderlines. His theses are uncomfortable, provocative and exceptionally successful.

Jim MacLaren

Motivation trainer and actor, former top athlete and Ironman participant, Founder of the „Choose Living“-foundation.
Jim MacLaren was a working actor and athlete until an accident dramtically changed his life. Despite his handycap he loved his life and was an inspiring speeker. His foundation „Choose living“ has been established to support him in his humanitarian endeavour. It allowed him to devote time, energy and influence towards people throughout the world in order to help. He taught us love, affection and appreciation of life for all people. He sadly passed away in fall 2010.

Joana Zimmer

Inspiring blind singer and and marathon runner
Joana Zimmer enchants, fascinates and amazes. With her extraordinary voice full of power and expression the blind singer moves and touches our hearts. Especially in the lime light of a stage performance the authentic force of her personality turns into an impressive live experience.

Karoline Beck

Young ambitious entrepreneur that saved a technology company at the brink of bankruptcy from the final collapse with her courage, her strong will and her conviction. Entrepreneur of the year 2007.
Karoline Beck is leading a family owned company in the renewables branch. As current chair of the Bundesverband Junger Unternehmer (BJU) – federal association of young entrepreneurs she is devoted to German entrepreneurship, more personal responsibility, a drastic decrease of public quotas and more independence.

2007 she received the Prix Veuve Clicquot-award as entrepreneur of the year. Karoline Beck corrects the plain picture of cool calculating business people on entrepreneurial forums, congresses and award ceremonies. “Those who are enganged as entrepreneurs do not just seek an increase of personal gain“ says the young executive. „You have an idea and want to realize it. That is per-se a high social value.“

Senait Mehari

Former child soldier, singer and author of the book „Feuerherz – fire heart“
In 2004 she published her biography „Feuerherz – fire heart“ in which she deals with her childhood in Africa. Two years later the book „Wüstenlied – desert song“ was published which describes the search for her roots during a temporary return to Eritrea.

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.
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