Winspiration Day on 7th of May is celebrated all around the globe – please, welcome our Internatioanl Global host Gaongalelwe Mosweu from Botswana.

Gaongalelwe Mosweu  is an up-and-coming business consultant based in Gaborone, Botswana. She is a career mentor and coach, enthusiastically helping many to find and redefine their career paths. She has for more than 14 years a pet project (almost in secret) that she calls the “Big Sister” Project; she finds at least one young woman (sometimes young men, too) to mentor and coach every year.
winspirationday 2016I have enjoyed being a younger sister to my big sisters, and it is an incredible feeling to be a younger sister. My parents could not afford to take me to pre-school and my own big sister Matlhogonolo home-schooled me. By the time I started Primary School, I could write GAONGALELWE without even flinching. I had a head start because of my Big Sister’s dedication. It is a warm fuzzy feeling even as I now recall those days. We had nothing materially but we had love. I just want to see young women and men reach their full potential, you know. I just want to extend the same love to someone else.” 

Gao is a certified book worm, and when she is not out zealously having fun helping people, she unplugs and unwinds with a good book. Of this she says:

“I am surrounded by at least 5 books near me at any given time. There is a book near my couch, about 10 in the surrounding of my bed and only a few hundred on my bookshelf. If you’re thinking of getting me a gift, with a book you will never get it wrong! Oh don’t forget the yellow highlighter, too!” 

Organising the WINspiration Global Day in Botswana is a complete delight  for Gao, who is doing it for the sheer love of having a little fun with some like minded friends and family. She looking forward to host Winspiration annual event in Botswana.

“This year, on May 14, 2016, we will be hosting a visioning and goal-setting “play shop” for the second year running. This day in this year has been organised to coincide with and to take the theme of “WINspiration Day” and is commemorated with an international event of the same name.
Although the Botswana event will be celebrated a week later, we will be sharing in the collective consciousness of this magnificent worldwide event.
The goal of this “play shop” is to help participants to get clearer on their dreams, vision, goals and purpose for their lives and careers and to learn the real day-to-day tools on how to turn them into reality, but visualising them – putting them up on Vision/Inspire Boards in pictures.
Seeing their desires in visual matter in this way inspires people more and encourages them towards their aspirations. This in turn helps them to live much more fulfilling lives. This is in line with our motto of “build you to perfection”.
The investment is only P185, which is a small fee compared to the value that participants will gain from this playshop.”

Event details:
Venue: Blue Tree World of Golf
Event page:
Fee: P185
Contact: +267 73 317 318